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Hundreds gather in peaceful protests in Front Royal and Winchester

6 June 2020 Front Royal/Warren County Winchester News

Hundreds of people gathered in Front Royal and Winchester yesterday, June 5, to speak out against racial inequality and police brutality. People of all ages, races and creeds joined the processions, calling for sweeping reforms in our nation. Protesters cried out “no justice, no peace” as they proceeded through the streets.

The Front Royal march, organized by Front Royal Unites, started at Bing Crosby Stadium. After marching and protesting around the town, they held a rally with speakers. There was also a space for people to have fellowship, food and discussion afterwards. The event is claimed to be the largest protest Front Royal has ever witnessed, with estimates of over 1200 attending. Videos and photos can be seen on the Front Royal Unites Facebook group.

There were two protests in Winchester yesterday. The first, held in the morning, was a silent protest. Protesters walked throughout the city and waved signs. Many local businesses and homeowners left out numerous cases of water for the protesters. The second, held in the afternoon, was more vocal. The protest started with everyone kneeling for eight minutes and 46 seconds in solidarity to honor George Floyd and set the tone for the protest. After hearing from over a dozen speakers, about 500 people marched around downtown and called for justice. More people spoke afterwards.

In both Front Royal and Winchester, the protests were supported by local officials. Officers walked alongside protesters in Front Royal, and Winchester Mayor David Smith offered words of encouragement to the protesters in Winchester. All of the protests were concluded in a peaceful manner without any conflicts.

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