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I.C.E. Needs Space For Immigrants

24 June 2018 News

Immigration and Customs Enforcement was looking for housing in regards to detained immigrants in Virginia. The federal agency reached out to the Virginia Sheriff’s department, asking for help finding 65 short term bed spaces. Some of the sheriffs contacted use facilities in Winchester and Front Royal. At this time Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Facility does not have the staff needed to assist the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. It is worth noting that the facilities requested for use are only intended to hold adult prisoners, not families or children. Despite not having available space in the immediate, the conversation about holding detained immigrants is ongoing. This is not to rule out the potential of holding immigrants for the federal government in the future. One of the many questions that needs to be answered before this could become a reality is how much will the government pay to house these potential new inmates. According to published reports, it costs about $80.00 per day to keep an inmate at the Northwestern Facility, but the federal government only reimburses about $70.00 per inmate. Other complications such as compliance with federal regulations on disciplinary measures need to be evaluated before any kind of long term contract can be established.These facilities have in the past held immigrants for the federal agency (when it was Immigration and Naturalization Services) and may do so in the future.

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