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ITFederal Making Progress on Major Front Royal Construction Project

30 March 2018 News

After two years, progress can finally be seen at ITFederal’s Royal Phoenix construction site in Front Royal.

ITFederal purchased the land and held a groundbreaking ceremony in October of 2015. Work from there, however, was delayed as the site awaited approvals from governmental organizations. ITFederal waited a year for the Environmental Protection Agency to release the site, and another year after that waiting for the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to approve a stormwater permit. Now that permissions have been acquired, the steel framing for the site’s first building has been set in place.

In total, the development will contain three buildings, and the company plans to hire around 600 employees to work in them. There are still obstacles to be crossed once the project is finished, however; Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority executive director, Jennifer McDonald, was quoted as saying that ITFederal would need to connect with the town’s planned pumping station before obtaining an occupancy permit. In addition, phase one of West Main Street’s extension will need to take place as well, connecting ITFederal’s buildings to Kendrick Lane.

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