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Johnny Depp takes the stand in Fairfax trial

According to ABC News Actor Johnny Depp took the stand in the ongoing defamation trail against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Depp told the jury that he felt compelled to sue for libel out of obsession for the truth after she accused him of domestic violence.

The actor continued that his goal was the truth because it killed him that all those people he met over the years would think he was a fraud.

Depp flatly denied ever hitting Heard calling the allegations against him disturbing and heinous and not based in any species of truth.

Nothing of the kind ever happened Depp told the court.

Depp alluded to the fall in his career since Heard levied the abuse allegations against him calling the last six years trying times.

For over an hour Depp gave long stream of consciousness answers to questions about his childhood and his early movie career.

After one long answer he admitted that he forgot the original question.

Depp then admitted that he has a meandering style particularly relating to his writing style.

He mentioned his long friendship and collaborations with gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

Saying he sought to emulate a style incorporating brash language and embellishing thoughts.

Depp went on to say his style led him to write text messages that he now finds embarrassing and he apologized to the jury for the vulgar language he used in messages introduced as evidence by Heard’s lawyers.

Telling the court he was in the heat of  the moment in the heat of pain and was in a dark place.

Depp will continue his testimony today Apr. 20.

Yesterday Apr.19 Depp testified primarily about early years of his relationship with Heard saying it was too good to be true at first.

Calling the woman he married in 2015 loving, smart, kind, understanding and funny.

He said the little things started to indicate to him a rocky relationship ahead.

When he broke established routines she would become upset.

Depp went on to say that within a year and a half Heard had become another person.

He told the court that Heard’s allegations of his substance abuse has been grossly embellished and there were no moments he was out of control.

Telling the court he is not some maniac that needs to be high or loaded all the time.

Depp did admit to being addicted to pain medication which stemmed from an injury on a movie set.

Depp said he detoxed from pain medication and has experienced long periods of sobriety over the years.

Heard’s lawyers have filed a counter suit against Depp calling the abuse allegations true.

Heard’s lawyers say that Depp being booted from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise comes from his own bad behavior.

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