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Judge Finds Charges Not State Code for Officials

29 October 2019 Front Royal/Warren County News

October 29,2019

FRONT ROYAL – Front Royal and Warren County officials left court yesterday free from prior misdemeanor charges in relation to the Jennifer McDonald scandal.

Here is a full list of current or former Warren County officials cleared of charges:

  • Board of Supervisors Archie Fox, Tom Sayre, Dan Murray, Linda Glavis and Tony Carter.
  • Former EDA Board Members Bruce Drummond and Ronald Llewellyn.
  • Current EDA Board Members Mark Baker and Alexander Blanton.
  • Former EDA Treasurer William Biggs.
  • Current EDA Treasurer Thomas Patterson III.
  • County Administrator Douglas Stanley.
  • County Schools Superintendent Greg Drescher.
  • Former EDA and County Attorney Daniel Whitten.

Each official was charged with two counts of misdemeanor misfeasance and one count of nonfeasance due to a failure to act during Jennifer McDonald’s tenure as the Executive Director of the Front Royal/Warren County Economic Development Authority. Allegedly, said County officials did not perform their duty in rooting out McDonald’s misuse of Town and County funds.

During the hearing yesterday morning, Warren Circuit Court Judge Bruce Albertson explained that misfeasance and nonfeasance are not crimes under the Common Law, nor are there any parts of the Virginia State Code explaining that they are crimes. Albertson later said that the officials may still be brought to court in a civil trial relating to misfeasance and nonfeasance.

The Warren County Board of Supervisors were also in court for a hearing regarding a Petition of Removal that was filed against them. Albertson decided not to suspend any of the Supervisors from their positions and the next hearing regarding the Petition will be on Nov. 22.


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