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19 March 2020 Views From The Booth Sports

Winchester Printers

Greetings From The Booth!

These are crazy times, for sure. Please be assured that The Booth has been sanitized and disinfected and there is no one within 6 feet of me right now. We all are having to make adjustments to our lives these days as the coronavirus affects almost every one of us in one way or another. The term “social distancing” is now in our lexicon, and a lot of us are unsettled because we don’t see an end right now.

As someone said here at our radio station this week, “this is 9-11 in slow motion.” Not sure there’s a better way to describe the crisis. The 9-11 tragedy happened on one fateful and horrible day. After that, we were certainly uneasy, but recovered quickly, much like ants
rebuilding an anthill. This is different. We’re dealing with a widespread, unseen enemy, and we have no idea when that enemy will be vanquished.

Sports were very much a part of our recovery after 9-11. In a relatively short period of time following the September 11 attacks, we had our sports back, and that was symbolic of America rising from the ashes of the World Trade Center and The Pentagon. Remember the feeling you had when George Bush threw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium and the goosebumps when NFL players ran onto the field with American flags flying high? Those moments restored some sense of normalcy and made us feel like things were going to be okay.

With the coronavirus, all of our major sports leagues have been shut down for the forseeable future. This is usually a time of year that I would be cheering on my WVU Mountaineers in the NCAA Basketball Tournament, getting ready for MLB’s Opening Day, and watching the Caps head down the stretch and into the NHL playoffs. Not to mention golf’s first major of the year, The Masters, and the Kentucky Derby.
It doesn’t feel like Spring without these seasonal signposts.

I challenge you to find a live sporting event on TV now. One can only watch so many reruns of classic games. Last night I tried to watch AEW Pro Wrestling, which I believe was live, but was being held in a large hanger-like building with no fans. That was strange, and I turned it off after a few minutes. I scroll through the sports menu in the evening and it is a virtual wasteland of programming. If it weren’t for NFL Free Agency, there would be nothing.

Yes, we can live without sports. But in trying times, we lean on sports. And without something to lean on right now, we feel like we’re falling.

Until the next visit from the Booth…GO HORNETS…and WASH YOUR HANDS!


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