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Local candidates in Stephens City and Middletown

15 June 2016 News

Now that the November election is on the horizon, the lines are drawn for elections in Stephens city and Middletown.


Now that the filing deadline passed at seven p.m. Tuesday, here is the list:


In Middletown, mayor Charles Harbaugh, town councilors Carolyn Aliff, George Smith,  and Carolyn Snyder Jones will be looking to be reelected.


Harbaugh has no challenger in the mayoral race, but several former elected officials will be in the hunt for council seats, including former mayor Mark Brown, former councilor Gilbert Barrington, and Businessman Logan Felty are eyeing council seats.


In Stephens city, town councilman Joseph Grayson apparently is not seeking reelection, but Joseph Hollis and Ronald Bowers are on the list.


Also appearing on the ballot will be election neophytes Steven Happek and Kelly Ann Thatcher.

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