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Local jail sees decrease in inmates

27 January 2020 Winchester Frederick County Clarke County News

The state Department of Corrections is transferring inmates from the Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center to state prisons at a higher rate, reducing overcrowding and saving local taxpayers thousands of dollars.

It costs $89 per day and $32,485 annually to house an inmate at the jail in Frederick County. The Department of Corrections pays $12 per day for the inmates sent to the jail as a result of overcrowding in prisons. The difference has to be paid by taxpayers in Winchester, Clarke, Fauquier and Frederick counties. From 2016 through 2019, the annual average for the number of state inmates housed at the jail as a result of overcrowding was 109. As of last week, the number was 48.

In addition to saving money, the transfers reduce jail overcrowding. From 2015 through 2019, 635 was the annual average daily population of inmates at the jail. As of last week, it was 555, a 12% decrease from the daily average.

The decrease is part of a state and national trend as police and prosecutors focus on alternatives to incarceration, such as drug court and intensive supervised probation.

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