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Local ladies contribute to community with hand-sewn masks

20 April 2020 Covid19 Shenandoah County News

Two local ladies, 103-year-old Flora Coffman and 75-year-old Nancy Shrum, are sewing masks for the community. Coffman, a Woodstock resident, normally sews at least two quilts a year to donate to the Shenandoah District Church Disaster Auction, and said sewing masks is new to her. She wanted to help, however, and sewed 19 masks over two or three days. Shrum, who lives north of Woodstock, has also been happy to help, and is halfway to her goal of 200.

The two are good friends; Coffman often enjoyed playing dominoes with Shrum’s husband. Shrum even named her sewing machine “Flora the Featherweight” after her friend. While the two are struggling a little having to endure the effects of social distancing, they are both thankful for their health and having the ability to help out.

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