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Luray Bridge Project Crossing Route 211 Business

19 January 2019 News

The construction on the Main Street Bridge crossing Route 211 Business in Luray continued earlier this week. Part of that constructions involved the delivery of  7 Steel I Beams that are 136′ long to be used to connect the East Side of town to the West Side of town. It was necessary that these beams be offloaded at the bridge construction site. Due to the length of these beams the town was limited in how to get them to the construction site. While the offloading of the structural beams may have caused some traffic concerns in the downtown area, the beams are all at the construction site being installed.

The bridge over Hawksbill Creek was more than 80 years old when it was finely taken down to be replaced. some construction delays occurred initially, but is again proceeding on a regular schedule. Construction is expected to be completed this summer.

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Video Credit: Ryan Pettit

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