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Luray Repainting Sewer Murals Project

13 June 2017 News

Luray’s mural project started over 15 years ago in an attempt to beautify and add to the uniqueness of the Town of Luray. The larger murals have been painted by local artists with outdoor scenes symbolic of the Shenandoah Valley and our community.

In addition to the large murals, historically, various local groups have also painted murals on the sewer manholes throughout the Hawksbill Greenway Trail. Most of those have now become faded and are in need of updates. The town is reaching out to local groups, organizations, and artists who have new fresh ideas to paint on the sewer manholes.

The theme of your painting must be relevant to the outdoors, nature, and/or recreational opportunities in the Shenandoah Valley. Paint will be provided by the town. You will need to send Patrick O’Brien or Dakota McCoy your projected theme and a thumbnail sketch for them to look over before approval. Additionally, interested individuals will need to fill out a form located on the town website.

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