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“Madness” Minutiae

25 March 2019 Uncategorized

Winchester Printers

(NOTE: Because of technical difficulties, this edition is being posted late and may be dated. It was written Thursday morning-RW)

Greetings From the Booth!

I’m posting one day early this week because it’s time to fill out those brackets! The Madness of the NCAA Basketball Tournament gets underway in earnest today (Thursday) with 16 games, followed by 16 more tomorrow. It goes by fast and furious, as we will be down to the Sweet Sixteen by Sunday night.

Welcome to my world. I’m following my WVU Mounties in the ever-popular CBI Tournament. The CBI is a pay-to-play tournament, mainly for mid-majors. Rarely do you see teams from major conferences in the CBI, but WVU is using the tournament for extra PT for it’s young team. But a major conference team in this thing is like a 14-year old kid playing in a pickup game with 10-year olds.

OK, let the $13 billion in lost productivity begin! As we did before the Super Bowl, we present some fun facts about the NCAA Tournament, courtesy of WalletHub. If the games get boring, you can amaze your fellow bar mates this weekend:

The average worker will watch 6 hours of basketball during the NCAA Tournament. That number seems low to me.

I’ve heard different odds this week, but WalletHub estimates your odds of filling out a perfect bracket are 1 in 92 Quintillion. That’s a lot of zeros!

60 million brackets were filled out last year. Compare that to the 129 million ballots that were cast in the last presidential election.
Looks like basketball almost trumps Trump!

You think basketball isn’t king in North Carolina? Duke’s Coach K earns an annual salary of well over $8 million. Compare that to the combined salary of Duke’s president and the state’s governor, which is 1.4 million!

Did you know that there is a 19 percent increase in pizza orders and a 9 percent increase in dessert orders by fans after losses versus wins? Talk about comfort food! I guess misery loves pepperoni.

Only 2 individuals have ever won national championships as a coach and player: Dean Smith and Bobby Knight.

Who will crash the party this year? Only one time (2008) have all 4 number-one seeds made it all the way to the Final Four.

And, the Kentucky Wildcats have the most appearances in the NCAA Tournament with 58. Death, Taxes, and Kentucky Basketball.

You are now armed with some “Madness Minutiae. Now belly up to the bar, order up a soda pop and some wings, and watch those brackets go up in flames!

Until next time, GO HORNETS!


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