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Man Arrested for Dressing as Joker Says He Lost Job as a Result of Arrest

31 March 2017 News

The 31 year old Winchester City man who was arrested after dressing up as the Joker comic book character is claiming his arrest has lead to a negative perception of him and also the loss of his job. Jeremy Adrian Austin Putman was arrested March 24 by Winchester Police. He was charged with the class 6 felony of wearing a mask in public.

Following his arrest, his lawyer claims he was suspended from his job at Wal-Mart and then ultimately let go. A spokesman for the company would not comment on the matter. His lawyer further claims he has received threats as a result of the incident.

Prior to the incident, Putnam had no criminal past. His lawyer feels a criminal charge was not appropriate.

According to claims on social media, Putnam was visual during his employment with Wal-Mart, customers described him as helpful and polite. Individuals also reported Putnam had previously dressed as the comic book villain and taken pictures with children. During encounters he was again kind and polite.

Putman was released from the Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center the same day of his arrest after posting bail. He is scheduled to appear in Winchester General District Court on April 10. If found guilty Putman could spend up to five years in jail.


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