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Man uses a Front Royal store as a location to launder money

front royal town hall

Jorge Orozco Sandoval has pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering using a Front Royal store as a drop location.

The Washington Post reports that 35 year old Orozco Sandoval pleaded guilty in Eastern District Court of Virginia on Aug. 23.

Orozco Sandoval admitted to using the Target store in Front Royal as a drop off location for  nearly $320,000.

The money was dropped at the Front Royal Target over three different times in 2021.

Orozco Sandoval expected the money to be delivered to one of Mexico’s most dangerous drug cartels.

In reality Orozco Sandoval was delivering the money to an undercover Law Enforcement Officer.

The Officer was in contact with a purported money broker for the Jalisco New Generation Cartel according to Orozco Sandoval’s plea document.

The money broker told the Officer that a courier would drop off drug proceeds at the Target location and that the Officer needed to arrange to deposit the proceeds into a bank account to send back to the suppliers in Mexico.

According to his plea Orozco Sandoval has also been charged with distributing cocaine in Virginia.

Federal prosecutors in Virginia charged Orozco Sandoval and four others with conspiracy to distribute narcotics back in May.

Orozco Sandoval has served a prison sentence in Maryland for possession of drugs with the intent to distribute and was deported to Mexico back in 2010.

Orozco Sandoval has been scheduled  for sentencing on Nov. 29 and faces 20 years in prison for the latest incident.

Although the drug distribution portion of the plea agreement could length his sentence.

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