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Master the Mainframe Boots Up at LFCC

9 October 2019 Frederick County News

October 9, 2019

MIDDLETOWN – Lord Fairfax Community College is offering assistance to those interested in participating in IBM’s Master the Mainframe Contest. High school students, college students and members of the public can meet at Fairfax Hall Rooms 310-311 on Oct. 12 from 9 a.m to 1 p.m at the LFCC Middletown campus.

The contest is a year round event offered by IBM. The New York based technology company started the training and contest program as a way for anyone interested to learn about mainframe maintenance and get more in touch with evolving technologies. Those interested in starting the program can sign-up online to get started. The eventual goal for participants in the program is to advance to the second and third stages of Master the Mainframe. From there participants get a remote learning experience that will eventually lead to solvable challenges. Contestants can earn digital badges and even real-world rewards for their progression through the next two stages.

LFCC is hosting “What the Hack is the Mainframe” on Oct. 12. This event is an opportunity for those interested in Master the Mainframe to have a more hands on learning experience from LFCC computer science and cybersecurity professors, as well as mainframe developers from Navy Federal Credit Union. They will assist those in attendance with part one of the Master the Mainframe program, and explain the user interface, basic concepts and data structures of the mainframe platform. Registration for “What the Hack is the Mainframe” can be done online.

The competition program is an interesting way to learn about something new, but can also be used as an introduction to an entirely new career path.

“The mainframe platform enables you to work on networking, analytics, databases, deep programming languages [and] application programming interface,” LFCC Computer Science Professor Melissa Strange said in a press release. “Based on current growth patterns, IBM is predicting that more than 37,000 mainframe administration positions will emerge worldwide by 2020.”


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