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Mayor Apologizes to City Employees for Council Grilling

13 September 2018 News

In light of an intense line of questioning that took place in the Winchester City Council’s August 28th work session, Mayor David Smith has publicly apologized to two city employees.

Winchester Parks and Recreation Department Director Lynn Miller and City Manager Eden Freeman received the apology at the beginning of Tuesday’s council meeting. Miller and Freeman had been subjected to questions from Councilor Milt McInturff, who claimed that they had engaged in franchise negotiations with telecommunications company Shentel regarding the cell tower it has proposed to erect in Jim Barnett Park. He said that they failed to involve City Attorney Anthony Williams, and that therefore protocol had been breached.

McInturff did not raise his voice during the August line of questioning, but did ask pointed questions, and at one point interrupted Miller. Miller asserted that there were no franchise negotiations, and Freeman said their only financial conversations revolved around lease payments. Speaking to the pair on Tuesday, Mayor Smith said that “City Hall and these chambers are a place of civility and respect,” and told them “this was not afforded to you in the last meeting.” McInturff responded by telling the Mayor that he did not have apologize on his behalf, but was cut off by Council President Bill Wiley.

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