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Middletown Denies Developer’s Proffer Request

18 January 2018 News

The Middletown Town Council voted Tuesday to deny a developer’s request to lower a proffer amount that would help counter the impact of a subdivision under construction. A proffer is a voluntary offer by a landowner to perform an act, contribute money or donate land to offset the impact of new development. The construction site in question is on about 60 acres in the village near Lord Fairfax Community College. Schools impacted would be Middletown Elementary School, Robert E. Aylor Middle School and Sherando High School.

Dave Holliday, owner of Holliday Construction, was not at the meeting where the council denied his request to amend a proffer that would allow him to pay $5,887 for each of the 180 units being built at the Village at Middletown subdivision. The amount would have been a reduction from the $13,952 per unit as previously agreed to. Patrick Sowers, who was representing Holliday at the meeting, was quoted as saying that he was disappointed in the action.

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