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Middletown’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Will Fail

10 January 2019 Frederick County News

Middletown’s government is facing a major challenge this week after being alerted that the town’s wastewater treatment plant will fail.

In a presentation to town officials on Monday, Keith Lane of Peed & Bortz LLC told town officials that the ten-year-old plant is facing several issues, the most significant of which is the dilapidation of its bio-wheels; while no timeline was given, he did tell officials that it is facing imminent failure. Lane laid out three options Monday to fix the problem by repairing or replacing elements of the plant, ranging in cost from $2,279,900 to $4,810,500. In an email Wednesday, Town Manager Rebecca Layman said that the town has yet to schedule a date for the Public Works Committee to meet and discuss the matter.

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