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Missed It By That Much…

3 August 2018 Views From The Booth Sports

Winchester PrintersGreetings from the Booth!

As we enter the Dog Days of August, there were several reminders this week that football season is drawing near. Some guys in NFL uniforms actually played this week as Baltimore beat Chicago in the annual pre-season Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. Speaking of the HOF, among the Class Of 2018 is Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis and Redskins GM Bobby Beathard. Lewis, for whatever you might think of him off the field and his pre-game intro histrionics, was and incredible linebacker who was feared by NFL offensive coordinators for his physical play and his pass coverage ability. Beathard was the architect of the ‘Skins Super Bowl Teams, and you cannot mention the success of the team in that era without mentioning him.

The College Football Coaches Poll is also out and surprise…
Alabama is in the top spot for the third consecutive year. FYI, Virginia Tech checks in at 17, while WVU comes in at number 20.
And we’ll start teeing it up for real at SU September 1st with a long trip to Fayetteville, NC to take on Methodist. Can’t wait!

A quick look at the Nationals shows a drama-filled week amidst reports of clubhouse dissention, on-field tantrums, and GM Mike Rizzo playing “good cop-bad cop” with Manager Davey Martinez. Which made me wonder, is clubhouse harmony overrated? I harken back to the legendary Oakland A’s teams of ’72-’74, who fought constantly with each other, but won 3 straight World Series Championships. And of course, the Billy Martin Yankees, who provided daily drama, but also won Series rings. Should be an interesting final 2 months of the season in DC…

Finally, today’s topic. I’ve been playing golf since 1975, and have only come close to a hole-in-one a handful of times, with no “aces” to my credit. Last week, during my usual Sunday round on the Boulder course at Rock Harbor GC, it almost happened on the 17th hole, a 165-yard par 3 over water. In the movie “Tin Cup,” Kevin Costner describes a perfectly a well-struck golf shot (I’ll leave it to you to watch the scene), and this one felt exactly that way.

Now, I contend that a hole-in-one takes a combination of skill and luck. I’ve heard of golf shots ricocheting off of rocks, people, cart paths, etc., and rolling into the cup. Even a perfect golf shot rarely finds it’s way into the hole for an ace. With that in mind, I was nonetheless happy when I saw my ball a mere 2 inches from glory.

I must admit I was also filled with sense of relief. There is a tradition in golf that someone who makes a hole-in-one must buy everyone at the golf course a drink (proving that golf is not a hobby for the poor). Making one’s first-ever ace on a crowded Sunday is not the perfect scenario.

There’s also a golf “rule” that says unless you have a witness to your hole-in-one, it doesn’t really count. I don’t care. I’m just hoping my first ace, should it ever happen, will be viewed only by a deer on a weekday at 6am. Until then, it’s just nice to hit a great golf shot, be a few inches short, and not leave the course broke…

So long from the Booth! Until next time…GO HORNETS!


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