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New Tax and Fire Rescue Funding Discussed at Warren Budget Meeting

12 April 2018 News

Several citizens stood up to voice their concerns over Warren County’s proposed 1-cent real estate tax hike during the budget hearing Tuesday, April 10th.

The new tax proposal came after county officials had promised residents there would be no new taxes. However, Warren County Sheriff Daniel McEathron explained that the increase is due almost entirely to the lack of school resource officers in the county. As of now, Warren County does not have a dedicated school resource officer for each of its schools; rather, they balance the officers they have with patrols to provide the best coverage possible. In the wake of the Parkland Florida shooting, concerns over school safety spurred county leaders to make the new addition to the budget.

County Administrator Doug Stanley also addressed worries that Warren’s Fire and Rescue Services are underfunded, a claim that was made publicly by volunteer firefighter David Santmyers after a portion of his home burned down on Easter Sunday. In a presentation, Stanley showed Fire and Rescue budget increases over the last ten years, and cited the new $5 million Rivermont station project as an example of the county’s dedication to its fire departments.

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