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News Maker Liza Borches on Women owned and Community Commitment

Carter Myers Automotive (CMA)  has been women owned for almost 100 years which is a great accomplishment considering it would be 1924 when purchased.

At that time women were not able to be as accomplished as they are today.

We spoke to the President and CEO of  CMA Liza Borches about it in our latest news maker.

News makers are sponsored by Warren County Together We are Community.

Liza gives us some of that incredible history behind this women owned company and how far they have come and the hurdles they encountered in that 100 years.

She also encourages more women  to get into the auto industry and how working for CMA can offer shares in ownership to improve all their employees’ lives.

Liza also tells us how her company is committed to the communities they serve.

Click here for Liza’s news maker.

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