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No Bubble For Baseball

29 July 2020 Views From The Booth Sports

Winchester Printers

Greetings From The Booth!

First, hope you’re staying cool this week as our sweltering Shenandoah Summer continues.

On the local front, something really cool is happening tomorrow morning (Thursday) for some of our local athletes who would have been recognized at this year’s Apple Blossom Festival Sports Breakfast. A get-together is being planned for those particular high school and college athletes at Partlow Insurance in Old Town Winchester. Looking back, I can’t imagine not playing high school baseball or attending a senior sports banquet. But because of the pandemic our local athletes have missed and will miss so many great moments and memories. To get some recognition tomorrow helps to partially fill in a gaping hole in their lives.

BREAKING NEWS…The Washington Nationals just made another error.
The baseball in DC has been sloppy in the Nats’ 1-4 start, and I’m being kind. The 2 errors last night makes 7 in their first 5 games. It’s so bad, I thought I saw Buttermaker in the Nationals’ dugout last night telling Lupus to go out to right field. If you look closely on the back of the Washington uniforms, you’ll see that Chico’s Bail Bonds now sponsors the team.

Speaking of baseball, I don’t think the major league model is working out.This week, 17 players and staffers on the Miami Marlins tested positive for the coronavirus, forcing MLB to suspend the Marlins games through Sunday. This doesn’t just affect Miami. The Baltimore Orioles’ games with the Marlins had to be postponed this week, not to mention the Nationals’ games in Miami this weekend.

The Phillies were also affected, because they played Miami last weekend, and the Yankees were also part of the domino effect, because they would have had to go to Philadelphia and use a clubhouse that the Marlins used. This is becoming a nightmare scenario for MLB, while Commissioner Rob Manfred whistles through the graveyard by saying that all is well.

The NHL and NBA, unlike MLB, are using the “bubble” model, which has multiple teams playing in hub locations and being isolated in hotels for the season. That seems to be working. As of early this week, the NBA and NHL had no positive tests for COVID-19. Baseball, however, is a wildfire that is quickly getting out of control.

As for the NFL, whose training camps began in earnest this week, it will be a minor miracle if they can play a 2020 season. Football is a contact sport that doesn’t lend itself to social distancing. Players get an opt-out stipend, and some have already decided to sit the season out. That is another story for another blog post.

I’m not sure at this point if baseball can do a reset and adopt a “bubble” format. Hub cities and hotels would have to be lined up, and I’m not confident the players would be on board, anyway. Baseball was working without a net with their 2020 plan, and this week showed that just one outbreak with one team can put an end to the whole season.
The next week or so will be very interesting indeed.

As for the Nats, if the season were halted today, there’s always The Bad News Bears…

Until next week from the Booth, GO NATS, GO HORNETS!


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