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15 March 2019 Views From The Booth Sports

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Greetings From The Booth!

While a lot of the nation was being hit by the so-called Bombogenesis event, we were blessed with near-80 degree temperatures yesterday, along with lots of pulled hamstrings, as many ventured out for their first jogs of the year.

The warm temps had me thinking baseball, and it looks like the Shenandoah University baseball team is rolling along in familiar fashion. After an 0-2 start, Kevin Anderson’s Hornets have won 6 in a row heading into the weekend.

We’ve still got some basketball to play, though, and when the various conference tournaments are done this weekend, the 68-team NCAA Tournament Field will be set on Selection Sunday. Selection Sunday is one of my favorite days of the college basketball season because of it’s unique mix of elation and heartbreak, as some get in, and some are left out.

My team in all likelihood will be left out this year…but maybe not.
The West Virginia Mountaineers are the talk of the basketball world with their unlikely run through the Big-12 Tournament. The ‘Eers have beaten both Oklahoma and 7th ranked Texas Tech and are just 2 wins away from entering the Big Dance with a losing record.

This Mounties team looks nothing like the dumpster fire they were just weeks ago, and you can credit coach Bob Huggins for this. He cut the cancer out of the team by dismissing several players, and somehow got his young squad to “buy in” to the idea that something could still be salvaged from the ashes of a dismal regular season.

And, boy, have those freshmen stepped up. Jordan McCabe, nicknamed “White Chocolate” is playing with a senior-like confidence. Derek Culver is a beast, and Emmitt Matthews, Jr.,a non-factor most of the season, had 28 last night, including a highlight-reel dunk.

WVU is playing like a team freed from the pressure of expectation.
No one had them getting this far, so everything now is gravy.
They’re playing loose, and right now, the Mountaineers are a dangerous opponent.

Huggins, for all his perceived grumpiness, is actually a funny dude. Before last night’s game Hugs tweeted an old clip of himself climbing out of a coffin, as if to say, “we’re not dead yet.”

Winning 4 games in 4 nights is a lot to ask, and the dream may very well end tonight, but so far the ‘Eers are indeed alive and well!


Have a safe St. Patty’s Day, enjoy Selection Sunday, and until next visit from the booth, GO HORNETS!


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