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It’s official – NO tax hikes from Front Royal in FY 2017

29 April 2016 News

FRONT ROYAL, Va. – Following the required second vote of approval on Monday (April 25), it is assured that Front Royal citizens will not see ANY tax hikes in the coming Fiscal Year, at least from Town leaders.

After repeating his April 11th motion to advertise an across-the-board FLAT tax rate this year, John Connolly reiterated his belief it was not yet necessary to begin putting money aside for known expenses in future Fiscal Years.

Chief among those future expenses is the still-debated cost of a new Town Police station.

Despite misgivings expressed by several Councilmen that a failure to begin smaller, incremental increases now will mean a larger tax increase down the road, only Bret Hrbek voted against the flat tax rate on April 11th.

The vote to put off any potential tax increase passed unanimously this time around.

On April 19th Warren County Supervisors voted to increase real estate taxes by two and half cents per $100 of assessed value. Front Royal property owners pay real estate taxes to both the Town and County.

Submitted by Roger Bianchini

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