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Officials mum on ‘resigned’ WCHS teacher

5 May 2016 News

NewsToKnowFRONT ROYAL, Va.–Since April 25th, Warren County Public School Superintendent Greg Drescher has refused comment on the employment status of– or allegations of personal misconduct by–a female teacher at Warren County High School.

However, following that teacher’s appearance as a “Resignation, effective June 30” on the Addendum of a Personnel Report presented to the School Board at its May 4th meeting, Drescher did comment on the status of a teacher whom  he identified as “she” to the Northern Virginia Daily.

He admitted that a female teacher at the school had been on administrative leave since the April 14th start of a Sheriff’s Office investigation into such allegations. Drescher also said the teacher in question would NOT be returning to the school.

Sheriff Daniel McEathron did not respond to a Thursday evening cell phone message regarding that investigation, and did not discuss details in published press reports.

However, information from multiple independent sources to The River 95.3 news staff involve allegations of inappropriate sexual contact with as many as three male students over a several-year period, as well as solicitation of pain-killing medication.


Submitted by Roger Bianchini

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