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Officials Warn of Possible Rabid Stray Cats in Front Royal

24 June 2019 Front Royal/Warren County News

The Lord Fairfax Health District is issuing a warning about the possibility of rabid stray cats in Front Royal after the discovery of a rabid kitten.

The kitten was found near the Rivermont Volunteer Fire Department station at 714 Rivermont Drive. It was captured last Monday, June 17, along with two other cats that were believed to be feral. The kitten was euthanized after exhibiting abnormal behavior, and subsequent testing showed that it had been ill with rabies. The other two cats were also euthanized.

Lord Fairfax Health Director Dr. Colin Greene is warning that “feral cats have a particularly high risk of carrying rabies,” and that “the rabid kitten’s disease may be present in other stray cats in the area.” The Warren County Health Department is alerting the community that anyone who received a bite or scratch, or was otherwise exposed to the saliva from any stray cat or kitten in the area of Rivermont Drive between June 8 and 18, should seek care in the nearest emergency department immediately.

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