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Pagan leader receives 75 year sentencing for several crimes

Christopher Lamar Baker a leader of a Raleigh Based Pagans Motorcycle Club has been sentenced to 900 months in prison.

Lootpress reports the sentencing of the Pagan Motorcycle Club leader for his involvement in several crimes.

Baker was one of the 13 national leaders in the United States of the Pagans Motorcycle clubs.

Baker is accused of supplying over 268 kilograms of methamphetamine in Virginia and West Virginia and surrounding locations.

Baker also was facing charges of possession of firearms including a machine gun.

Baker is also implicated in directing his club members to promote violence including torture and cutting off the fingers of an opponent.

The Pagan leader is also accused of being involved in a murder of an individual who sold him fake drugs.

Baker used a network of Pagan members to commit crimes, distribute drugs and guns in several states including Georgia, N. Carolina, Virginia and W. Virginia.

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