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Page County Awarded Federal Funds for Opioid Fight

17 December 2019 Luray/Page County News

December 17, 2019

PAGE – The United States Department of Justice announced that Page County will receive federal funds to help combat the opioid crisis in the area.

The Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs recently released awards funds for several organizations around the country. One of those organizations is Page County. The county will receive $600,000 in federal award funds to help families, children and other victims of the opioid crisis that has swept the United States.

The Department explained in a press release that the funds were awarded to Page County for “comprehensive opioid abuse site-based  programs.”

“Although vigorous and targeted enforcement of our federal drug laws is a critical part of opioid-harm reduction, we are fully supportive of meaningful prevention and recovery initiatives,” U.S Attorney Thomas T. Cullen said in a press release. “I am thrilled that DOJ has made these generous grants in the Western District of Virginia and am hopeful that these investments will enable these organizations to expand their important work.”

The DOJ awarded over $2.5 million to entities in the Western District, and over $330 million across the United States. The Department has made the opioid crisis a national priority, and has made an effort to fund several services that would help with preventative and/or comprehensive treatment, recovery assistance and forensic science services and research. According to the press release the main goal of the DOJ is to save lives.


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