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Page County Sheriff’s Office Warning Community of Phone Scam

27 July 2017 News

The Page County Administration Offices have recently been informed that unknown individuals are calling community members, presenting information related to county business, and representing fictitious honors. The caller-ID indicates that the calls are originating from Page County Administration and display a telephone number assigned to a County office.

These calls are generated through the assistance of “masking” computer or cell phone applications, which allow the caller to utilize any phone number to display on an individual’s caller-ID.

The Page County Administration would like to notify citizens that calls originating from the County Office Building do not display “Page County Administration” on caller-ID systems. They recommend that no citizen provide any identifying information over the telephone, and verify the origin of the call by hanging up and calling the number back.

At any time that you feel that a telephone call is not legitimate, it is recommend that you notify the Page County Sheriff’s Office.

Additional information related to actions to protect an individual from telephone scams can be found on the Federal Trade Commission website under the “Privacy, Identity & Online Security” tab.


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