It happened on the radio, on this date in 1921.  According to History dot com radio station KDKA in Pittsburg PA broadcast the very first sporting event over the radio airwaves.  It was a lightweight boxing match between Johnny Ray and Johnny Dundee.  The station aired a second live sporting event three months later when they covered a heavyweight fight between Jack Dempsey and George Carpentier.  In August, 1921, Harold Arlin voiced the very first Major League baseball game on KDKA.  He sat in a box seat behind home plate with a makeshift microphone that looked like a tomato can.  The game was between the Pirates and the Phillies.  The fans sitting around Arlin were mystified by his call of the game.  Can you imagine sitting behind a guy watching and listening to him talk to himself about a baseball game you were watching in person?  KDKA had distributed radios to employees to ensure at least a small audience, but there were no radios in the stands that day.  We’ll never know what those first broadcasts of sporting event sounded like because there were no recordings made.  Today there are thousands of radio stations that carry all sorts of sporting events, just like our very own WFTR, Sports radio 1450, where the home team plays.  Listen to the podcast here;