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Alcohol Lab July 2016

1 July 2016

While today’s show was fun and light-hearted on the surface, we covered a very important topic – drinking and NOT driving. Lt. Warren Gosnell, Traffic Division Commander with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office joined us along with our 3 test subjects: Joe Woodall, Production Manager at The River 95.3, Alex Hinton, News Department at The River 95.3 & Leslie Fizer, sister to Sarah in the sales department at The River 95.3.

Lt. Gosnell supervised and administered drinks and breathalyzers at specified times for each of the 3 volunteers – they all drank beer, while Joe consumed at twice the amount to compare the effect (or lack thereof) with age & body size. We then went on the air to discuss the effects at each stage and talked about the myths of drinking. It was an eye-opening and educational 30 minutes.