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Another Look on The Valley Today

10 August 2018

We were in the studio for a Valley Today that was masquerading as our news podcast, Another Look with Dylan Nicholls, News Director at The River 95.3/Sports Radio 1450. We talked about the format of the weekly podcast that’s available on our website: https://theriver953.com/another-look/ that includes an extended conversation about the news stories Dylan has covered throughout the week ending in a segment called “Stupid News” where we compete with each other to find the dumbest news story from across the country/world. Today’s show was a “filtered” version of the podcast.

You can listen every Friday on our website or subscribe in the iTunes Store via the Podcast app or in the Google Play Music store and have each episode delivered to your phone. Advertising is also available within the podcast.

As Promised – here is the link to the story Dylan referenced today: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-08-08/winnie-the-pooh-film-christopher-robin-banned-in-china/10088446

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