We recorded today’s conversation on-site at Barns of Rose Hill to learn the details about their upcoming benefit concert on Saturday, October 16, 2021 and the next exhibit opening this weekend.

Sarah Ames, Executive Director & Morgan Morrison, Program Director invited me to Barns of Rose Hill to talk about the benefit concert that will (sort of) replace their 10-year anniversary gala. The concert itself will be live & in-person, while the auction will be completely online and is live now. The auction will close on Friday, October 15. Tickets for the concert, raffle tickets and the auction registration/gallery can be found on their website: https://barnsofrosehill.org/

The two also told me about the new exhibit that will open on Saturday, October 9 that shows the history of Barns of Rose Hill from inception, to fundraising, to construction and of course their programming over the last 10 years. Admission to view the exhibit is free.