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Becoming a Foster Parent with Children’s Services of VA

3 May 2019

May is National Foster Care Month so we were in the studio with Jennifer Allen, Resource Parent Recruiter for Children’s Services of VA and Jessica Phillips, one of their foster parents.

We talked about the important role foster parents play in the lives of many children in our communities. Jennifer told us about the process to becoming a foster parent and Jessica told us about her experiences in the last 9 years as a foster parent. We discussed the many different situations that create the need for a foster parent in a child’s lie, how long the typical stay with a family is and other ways people can support foster families even if becoming a foster parent isn’t for them. Once of those ways is supporting Froggy’s Closet – which was featured on a previous Valley Today episode: https://theriver953.com/podcast/families-reaching-out-group-frog-froggys-closet/

After the show, we talked more candidly with Jennifer & Jessica about her experiences and the impact all the children in her care have had on her and her family.

For more information about Children’s Services of VA, visit their website: http://www.childrensservicesofva.com/ or send an email to Jennifer: jallen@csv-inc.com

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