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Changing Your Mindset

13 May 2020

We pre-recorded today’s conversation with Molly Tahmaseb & Tim Vaughn, counselors at Winchester Medical Center’s Outpatient Behavioral Health via Zoom to discuss changing your mindset. We talked about why this is important – not just during a health crisis/quarantine situation – but throughout the many stages of your life. They offered suggestions for how to implement those changes and gave some insight into the process.

In addition to changing your mindset, we discussed:

  • positive thinking and what that means to each of us individually
  • visualizing how we want to be;
  • cognitive emotive dissonance;
  • radical acceptance; and
  • the best way to be our own best self counselor

You can get more information about Winchester Medical Center’s Outpatient Behavioral Health services on the Valley Health website: https://www.valleyhealthlink.com/our-services/behavioral-health-services/

Changing Your Mindset