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Charles Harbaugh IV & Eric Bittner

3 December 2020

Charles Harbaugh IV, a 2007 Lord Fairfax Community College graduate & adjunct professor joins Eric Bittner, a 2016 Lord Fairfax Community College graduate to talk about their education journey and their relationship as teacher/student.

Charles explained why he chose LFCC to begin his path to higher education and how several years later returned as an adjunct professor. We talked about the rewarding experiences he had as both and his passion for serving the community.

Eric explained the role his professors played during his years at LFCC – including Charles – and he shared his perspective about why starting at a community college was a good decision for him. We also discussed his current career path and how his relationship with Charles aides him in his commitment to our community.

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Founded in 1970, Lord Fairfax Community College is a multi-campus public institution of higher education. With four locations — Middletown, Warrenton, Luray-Page County and most recently, Vint Hill— the College serves eight localities in the Shenandoah Valley and northern Piedmont regions. The localities are the counties of Clarke, Fauquier, Frederick, Page, Rappahannock, Shenandoah and Warren and the city of Winchester. LFCC offers more than 75 associate degree and certificate programs in a wide variety of disciplines, in addition to providing access to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs offered on site by a four-year institution. LFCC also serves the business community by offering workforce preparation programs for employees and employers. LFCC serves more than 9,000 unduplicated credit students and more than 11,000 individuals in professional development and business and industry courses annually.

Charles Harbaugh IV & Eric Bittner

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