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Checking In With Sustainability Matters

21 December 2020

We pre-recorded today’s conversation with Sari Carp, Executive Director for Sustainability Matters to get an update about the organization’s projects and the impact of COVID-19 on their events and fundraising efforts.

Sari gave us the details of their “Grow Your Own” program which gives families qualified for government food assistance the resources, lifelong know-how, and mentorship to grow and enjoy their own food. Parents and children receive hands-on instruction by Sustainability Matters educators, gardening supplies, and one-on-one mentorship from SM volunteers throughout the growing season to ensure success. Grow Your Own educates for all circumstances, from renters growing in containers to those planting a full-scale garden. In early 2021, they will kick-off with two pilot projects, in partnership with Friendly City Food Co-op, Jon Henry General Store, and Commonwealth Conservation Services. Given the public health situation, the pilots are designed for flexibility, with a hybrid in-person and virtual community model. They hope to grow the program to serve the entire region.

Sari also explained their “making trash bloom” project at the Shenandoah County Landfill. When landfills seal a 5-acre trash cell, that land can never be built on, used to grow crops, or planted with trees. Our local landfills currently seed trash cells with turfgrass, which has little ecological value. Sustainability Matters has partnered with the Shenandoah County Landfill to seed them with native pollinator and wildlife habitat instead.

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Sustainability Matters cultivates community through conservation education making sustainability fun, realistic, and accessible to all. A Virginia-grown grassroots nonprofit, Sustainability Matters works at the intersection of sustainable agriculture, gardening & business; environmental awareness; and nature conservation. Their work helps landowners, farming families, small businesses, and residents implement positive environmental practices, reduce their use of harmful herbicides and pesticides, grow their own food, manage invasive species, support pollinators and native wildlife. Social interaction, peer-to-peer information exchange, and inclusivity are integral to their model.

Checking In With Sustainability Matters

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