Our community health segment today – a partnership with Valley Health – focused on brain & spine surgery. Our guest was Dr. Lee Selznick. Dr. Selznick is Chief of Neurosurgery at Winchester Medical Center, Co-Director/Founder of Virginia Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, and a Neurosurgeon at Virginia Brain & Spine Center | Valley Health.

We talked about his path to becoming a brain surgeon and all the different types of surgeries and treatments his practice offers. We discussed spine surgeries, epilepsy treatments and how technology has impacted & advanced his care for patients.

He explained that Winchester Medical Center’s NAEC Level 4 epilepsy center is pretty unique in and of itself. It is one of only 3 Adult/Pediatric Level 4 Epilepsy Centers in Virginia (UVA and VCU are the other two). Level 4 is the highest level center. 

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