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Community Health: Nutrition & Food Insecurity

19 November 2020

We pre-recorded today’s conversation via Zoom with Susan Lessar, MS, RD, CNSC (certified nutrition support clinician), Director, Valley Health Nutrition Therapy (and Integrated Support Services), and Jessica Watson, MBA, BSN, RN, Director, Valley Health Chronic Disease Resource Center (and Winchester Rehabilitation Center) to discuss nutrition & malnutrition’s role in food insecurity and our overall health.

Susan explained the definition of malnutrition and talked about it’s impact on health issues, food insecurity; and busted a few myths about obesity and malnutrition. We referenced Susan’s blog article during our conversation, you can click here to read it. Jessica offered a perspective on how what we eat impacts chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease.

Susan and Jessica also work with James Wood High School students on the community garden at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley. Valley Health is no stranger to community gardens. They awarded a 3-year Community Health Impact Grant to Daniel Morgan Intermediate School in Winchester and Page Alliance for Community Action (PACA) in Page County to focus on community gardens & nutrition.

In the second segment Susan explained food deserts and the role stores such as Dollar General play to provide food stuffs to a community. She also gave us a few ways for cash-strapped families to eat healthier.

To hear more conversations in our Community Health series in partnership with Valley Health, click here: https://theriver953.com/valleyhealthpodcast/

Community Health: Nutrition & Food Insecurity

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