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Community Health: Varicose & Spider Veins

17 February 2020

As part of our Community Health Partnership with Valley Health, we were in the studio today with Dr. Matthew Borkon, a vascular surgeon with Valley Health Vascular Surgeons for a conversation about varicose & spider veins.

Dr. Borkon joined Valley Health Vascular Surgeons in November 2016. He serves as Medical Director and Chief of Vascular Surgery, and Chairman of the Vascular Clinical Council at Winchester Medical Center. In addition to his Winchester office location, Dr. Borkon sees patients in Valley Health’s multi-specialty clinics in Front Royal, VA, and Martinsburg, WV.

Dr. Borkon explained the cause, risk factors & symptoms for both varicose and spider veins. We talked about treatment options that include “topical” options such as compression socks; and, he walked us through a few of the minimally invasive surgical procedures that allow a patient, in most cases, to return to work the the same day with long-term results.

For more information about vascular surgery, click here to visit Valley Health’s website.

For two consecutive years, Winchester Medical Center has received a 3 Star rating (the highest score possible) from the Society for Vascular Surgery in recognition of its commitment to vascular care quality through active participation in a national bench-marking program. The Society’s Vascular Quality Initiative® awarded WMC 3 Stars for 2018 and 2017.

Community Health: Varicose & Spider Veins