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Community Health: What You Didn’t Know About Physical Therapy

15 October 2020

We pre-recorded today’s conversation via Zoom for our monthly Community Health segment in partnership with Valley Health. October is National Physical Therapy Month, so joining us on the screen: Joanna Jenkins (Rehab Office Specialist), Shelley Annalora (Physical Therapist), and BB Stewart (Occupational Therapist.)

Joanna gave us an overview of several physical therapy related services including LSVT Big which helps people with Parkinson’s disease learn to use their body more normally; dry needling, which is a therapy used to help relieve neuromuscular pain; and pelvic floor rehab designed specifically for women’s health issues.

Shelley walked us through several of the therapies and talked about the impact physical therapy can have on a patient’s ability to regain control of their independence. BB explained the difference between physical therapy and occupational therapy and gave a few examples. She also told us about their Community Mobility Program.

For more information about the physical therapy programs offered by Valley Health, click here to visit their website.

Community Health: What You Didn't Know About Physical Therapy

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