Our conversation today with Laura Walls, LPC with the Outpatient Behavioral Health Program at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital centered around COVID fatigue.

Laura explained what many in our community (and the country) are experiencing as the pandemic drags on. She offered advice for managing the uncertainty that included the mindset that it’s okay to not be okay. We discussed real life situations and how to implement these strategies:

  • Don’t fight it-What we resist persists
  • Investing in yourself- Sleep, healthy eating, physical movement, Socialization/connection, Mind your mind-meditation, guided imagery etc
  • Finding healthy comfort items-humor
  • Don’t believe everything you think-Fears and feelings aren’t facts
  • Being mindful-in the moment
  • Owning your own power
  • Finding meaning

As we wrapped up, she suggested that employees reach out to their employer for information about their EAP programs in order to seek some sort of counseling at no cost to them.