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Dr. Colin Greene, Director of Lord Fairfax Health District

14 December 2018

We were in the studio today with first-time guest, Dr. Colin Greene, Director of the Lord Fairfax Health District. He gave us some background on the local health departments he manages in all 5 surrounding counties along with the services they typically offer for free or at low-cost to their clients.

We also talked about the recent Hepatitis A scare in Warren County, the one that happened in Winchester, Kentucky that caused a stir in our area and the symptoms, precautions and vaccinations available for Hepatitis A.

Our conversation included information about this season’s flu strain and Dr. Greene “busted some myths” about the flu shot and told us about who should get the vaccine and why.

He also recommended three websites as resources for information regarding diseases, health issues and the like:

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

US Dept of Health & Human Services

World Health Organization

To find your local health department, which is typically located in the county seat of all the surrounding counties, click here: http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/local-health-districts/

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