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Droppin’ the Needle on Grand Funk Railroad

30 January 2019

Greetings from The Crew!

This morning we were joined by Don Brewer of the legendary group Grand Funk Railroad. You know them from songs like Bad Time, Footstompin’ Music, and their signature song, We’re An American Band.” Don is part of the legendary GFR trio of Mark, Don, and Mel, and although Mark Farner is not currently touring with the band, the other 2, along with a group of other musicians whose credits read like a “who’s who” of rock and roll, are on the “50 Years of Funk” tour. That tour rolls into the Events Center at the Hollywood Casino in Charles Town Saturday night.

I started talking with Don off-air about various things, and the conversation veered onto the subject of vinyl records. I grew up with GFR and even bought the 45-RPM “single” of “We’re An American Band.”
I remembered that that record was pressed on gold-colored vinyl, which was very cool. I thought the song even sounded better on the gold vinyl, which Don confirmed for me by mentioning that the gold vinyl was, in fact, virgin vinyl.

Anyway, we both talked about missing the age of record albums. From liner notes and LP inserts, to the records themselves, I think we’ve lost a little something.

It makes me happy that vinyl has made something of a comeback. My son recently bought me a turntable, and I love getting out the records, scratches and all, and playing those great albums like “Mark, Don, and Mel.”

Keep rockin’, Grand Funk Railroad!

RW (and the Crew)

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