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winchester public schools re-opening in the fall

Educating the Valley: Winchester Public Schools

25 February 2019

We were in the studio for a new monthly segment we’re kicking off, “Educating the Valley.” We’ll be having a conversation with each of the surrounding 6 school system superintendents. During the “summer break” we’ll invite them all to the studio for a roundtable podcast-only conversation. If you’d like to be updated when that podcast is released and/or updated, send and email to thevalleytoday@royalbroadcasting.net to be added to the education podcast email list.

Today, we talked with Dr. Jason Van Heukelum, Superintendent of Winchester Public Schools. We discussed his background in education; the upcoming budget season and his goals & reasoning for increasing teacher salaries; capital projects; and new programs within the school system.

For more information about anything we discussed today, visit their website: https://www.wps.k12.va.us/

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