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Education Watch: Monday, August 14, 2017

14 August 2017

Frederick County Public Schools Annual Awards were recently announced. Lois Clark was selected as the Bus Driver of the Year. This year marks Clark’s 20th year working as a bus driver for Frederick County Public Schools. This year’s Gala Award winner was David Dixon, a custodian at Middletown Elementary School. The runner-up was Rick Revetta, a custodian at Gainesboro Elementary School. Pam Tubandt, an instructional aide at Frederick County Middle School, was the winner of the Macintosh Award. Dowell J. Howard Center instructional aide Louise Dixon was the runner-up.

The recipient of the Rome Award was Wendy Phillips, a school nutrition services employee at Armel Elementary School. Donna Doyle, the school nutrition services manager at Millbrook High School, was the runner-up. The winner of the York Award was Connie Spates, a retired secretary from Orchard View Elementary School. Sheila Heishman, a specialist in the finance department at the school division’s administration building, was the runner-up. Frederick County Middle English Teacher Suzanne Miller was named Teach of the Year. Miller is starting her 19th year of teaching at the school.

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