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Education Watch for September 24 2018

Education Watch: Monday, December 25, 2017

28 December 2017

Handley High School students participated in a living wax museum on Thursday, December 21, 2017 as part of a project-based learning assignment created by English 3 teacher Rhonda Campbell. Students had to pick someone who had undergone struggles and obstacles to achieve the American Dream, write a research paper on the individual, create a visual presentation and write a short speech in the voice of the person they chose. Students stood still like wax figures and were only “activated” when someone pressed a button near them; the would then enter into their monologue and show a video, slide show, newsletter, or poster board. Subjects included investor Chris Gardner, inventor Nikola Tesla,
and entertainer Katy Perry. Campbell’s the project was an effort to get students imaginative, on their feet, and away from the monotony of standardized testing.
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An open house took place at the Blue Ridge Technical School last week, where two courses at the school, Engineering Design and Development and Biomedical Innovation, were highlighted. This was an opportunity for current and Spring Semester 2018 students and their parents to visit and see examples of students’ work. The Career Center offers 15 different courses with most being offered in two-year sequences of beginning and advanced coursework. Selections include: Programming, Nursing Assistant, 3-D Animation, Automotive, Welding, Culinary, and Electricity. The open house event also celebrated CTE programs, opening its doors for parents to come into the classrooms and discuss
programs in depth with the teachers involved.

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