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Education Watch for September 24 2018

Education Watch: Monday, March 12th, 2018

12 March 2018

Lord Fairfax Community College’s new video simulators are giving new opportunities to students who want to earn a CDL.

The program is a month long, and consists of 160 hours of truck-driving simulations, in-classroom preparation, and behind-the-wheel training. Students are currently able to participate in the program; instructor Payton Grimes supports it as a distraction-free way for students to face every challenge they might encounter on the road.


This month is “Music in Our Schools” month. In accordance, Skyline High School and A.S. Rhodes Elementary School teamed up for a drumming workshop. Students from Skyline High School under Mr. Daniel Holland mentored students from Mrs. Himelight’s fourth grade music class. The younger students learned new techniques and rhythms to warm up for their fourth grade musical performance; students from both schools enjoyed the opportunity to learn from other children.