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Education Watch September 10

10 September 2018

Shenandoah University’s Center for Immersive Learning is working with the McCormick Civil War Institute as well as the Shenandoah Battlefield Foundation on a virtual reality film project centered around the trial of John Brown. The project is intended to create a more immersive experience for students and museum patrons. Centering around the trial of the century, where John Brown in 1859 was hanged for murder, treason, and inciting a slave rebellion. Wile the filming is not open to the public, the final project will be available on December 2nd at the Shenandoah Valley Civil war Museum.

Sherando High School has named TJ Rohrbaugh as the new Outdoor Track and Field coach. the 2001 Sherando High School graduate succeeds Jamie McCarty who served in the position for the past two years. Rohrbaugh has been teaching Social Studies and coaching football at Sherando since 2007. In a recent press release Rohrbaugh said, “I’m excited about the opportunity to lead the Outdoor Track and Field program as head coach. One of my initial goals is to continue to develop those students who have participated in track and field in the past while encouraging more of the student-athletes involved in fall and winter sports to participate in track and field. I believe that building upon the talent we have on the team and supplementing that with other student-athletes who may not have considered participating in track and field before will enable us to continually be competitive at the district, regional, and state levels.

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