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Exploring Handley Regional Library

1 March 2021

We pre-recorded today’s conversation via Zoom to chat with Handley Regional Library System’s Executive Director: John Huddy for an update on the library system. We discussed:

  • COVID updates & changes to service
  • New Air Systems
  • 2 Virtual Book Clubs for Adults that Help Connect Each Other during the pandemic
  • Career Services & Help at Your Local Library
  • Virtual Programs for Adults – with a special focus on the 3-part series called Exploring the Library

These virtual sessions will be offered through Zoom with registration required and are ideal for new, prospective, and current users of all library system locations – Bowman Library, Clarke County Library, and Handley Library.  Topics include tips and tricks on using the online catalog to access materials and online content, hidden treasures on the library website, and a deep-dive session exploring the 24/7 Digital Library.  Sessions run March 10, 17, and 24 at 7pm.

More information about the series and everything we discussed today can be found on their website: https://handleyregional.org/

Exploring Handley Regional Library

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